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8 Frame Complete Start Up Hive w/honey supers (Assembled)

8 Frame Complete Start Up Hive w/honey supers (Assembled)

2 deep boxes, 2 medium boxes, 40 wooden frames w/plastic foundation, 1 bottom board, 1 entrance reducer, 1 queen excluder, 1 inner cover, 1 telescoping cover. Fully assembled and ready for paint.


The complete package includes an extra 2 med. supers w/frames and a queen excluder over the starter package.


Hives and woodenware are built by us so time is needed to complete. We wait until we have enough orders on the books before we begin construction.  After orders are completed we contact customers for pick up.


Christmas orders: If a hive is wanted for Christmas all orders must be placed no later than December 5th. This will give us a chance to complete orders by Dec 15th.


Any and all hive orders placed after December 5th will be built during the winter months and made available by March 1st. We will call when your order is ready for pick up.

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