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Have a comment about BFA you'd like to share. I'd love to hear them. Here's some I've received vie email, Face Book, Square, etc.


OMG! What a beautiful place. Driven by their place hundreds of times and finally pulled in. Front bushes hide everything then POW, flowers blooming everywhere. Mrs. Burnley has a green thumb to be sure. Honey was great too. 


Thurman, I came to you after finding you on YouTube and have to say you are in person just like you are in the videos, down to earth and genuine. It was a pleasure talking to you. I know you had a lot of work to do and really appreciate you taking the time. The book you sold me is awesome and I will definitely be buying my hives and bees from you next spring. Thanks again, Robert.

I had the best possible experience today at Burnley Farm Apiary. The owner is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, encouraging and welcoming. His can do attitude is refreshing. I very strongly recommend his business to anyone with the slightest interest in keeping bees. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dear Thurman, Someone in my bee club told me to call you because you were really nice to talk to and I'm really glad I did. I haven't had much luck talking to other bee sellers. You gave me some great advice and I just placed my order for 1 nuc and 1 package. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Silvia ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mr. Burnley,

Thanks for the great packages of bees. I bought two from you and they are really big now bringing in pollen and nectar. The pollen is so colorful. The book you sold me is wonderful too. There was so much I didn’t know. See you soon. Alicia ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thurman, the three nucs I bought from you are doing great and already in the second brood box. I might get honey this year! Keep up the good work and know I’m coming back to you for more. Thanks, Bill

Dear Thurman,
I wanted to reach out to you and say how happy I am that I found you. I was really scared but after talking to you I realized that I could do this whole crazy beekeeper thing. The bees are doing great and building lots of comb. It's really fun and my neighbors peek over the fence when they see me in my white suit. Thanks for your guidance. I plan on buying more bees from you next spring. Sincerely, Robin

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