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Honey Bee Pollination

Pollination Service: We are currently not taking any other contracts at this time. Please call us if interested in pollination for 2021.

Centrally located in Spotsylvania, VA. Serving Virginia.

12 hive minimum if less than 50 miles. 32 hive minimum if over 100 miles. Rental costs very due to distance and crop. Call or email for recent prices and contract agreement.


Pollination service is available on a first come, first serve basis. There is a twelve (12) hive minimum if your farm is less than 100 miles from my apiary and a 32 hive minimum if over 100 miles. The length of stay varies by crop and weather, though 3 to 6 weeks are typically required for bees to sufficiently pollinate a given crop. Hive placement must be reachable by truck and trailer and typically takes place during the night or very early in the morning when bees are in their hives.

Pollination of the world's fruit, vegetables and nuts depends on the availability of honey bees and other pollinators. Without the honey bee the human race would lose one third of the food it eats including all those wonderful foods parents want their kids to eat. Honey bees support the cultivation of an estimated 90-130 crops by pollination.


We pollinate apples, cherries, peaches & any number of orchard trees including some nut trees. Also melons, pumpkins, cucumbers and lots of other vegetable garden plants. Let's not forget about the bramble fruit like blueberries, blackberries and Raspberries. Lastly, there's grapes and sunflowers.

We will not place our hives where pesticides and other chemicals are being used.

Please contact me if you would like a larger crop this year and let our honey bees take care of your pollination needs.
Contract will be emailed to grower upon request.

For more information on pollination please visit


Thurman Burnley

5817 Smith Station Rd.

Fredericksburg, VA. 22407

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